About us

Our goal is the implementation of a brand- new product: the unique token and the first grain cryptocurrency exchange.

The human factor is prevailing during the development of HRONOS.IO. While building the team, authors conducted a scrupulous selection among top-rated experts of grain and oil markets. All project participants are exclusively practising experts permanently employed by the largest grain-trading companies of Ukraine, England, and the US.

The project founders’ research draws on the analytics of the last 20 years held by Ukrainian and global grain companies. The data was provided by the leading analysts of large grain-trading companies, agricultural universities, and private research centres. The major focus of the project is put on the original thoughts and ideas of specialists in various subdomains of economics, law, trading, expert evaluations of grain-trading enterprises.

The designing, emission of HRS token, exchange development, security enforcement are carried out with the support of  partners: leading cybersecurity companies.

Our Comand

Sergey Olkhovskyy


Oksana Stekachova


Nikita Sechevoy

Advertising and Promotion Expert


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